The people’s Perez Hilton Party.

Soooo Mr. Hilton released this little video today recapping his SXSW 2009 Party.

Alright, we’ve got magnificent stars here – the likes of Kanye, Solange, Margaret Cho, etc. all represented in their celebtastic finery. Very well and good!

But Reader, if you’ll take my hand, I’d like to walk you over to a slightly different corner of the party, and introduce you to these very glamorous people.

The faces sort of say it all, non? Don’t you like how it looks as though we’re sitting on trash bags? (As a matter of fact, we’re sitting on bean bag chairs – GLAM ALERT!) This was taken toward the end of the night, and is honestly one of my favorite photos from the whole shebang.

But not as favorite as this one!

I die, revive myself, and die again every time I look at this picture. Can hardly type this damn post. Is that a homeless girl, camped out in the Perez Hilton Party? Aren’t you enjoying the fact that this was taken right next to that little press backdrop they use for all the celeb photos??

There is just so much to love in this picture, although I must say I adore S.’s happy grin most of all.